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  1. Blind Date Australia: Sneak peek at Julia Morris’ new show
  2. What Channel 7 won’t tell you about ‘new show’ Take Me Out

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  4. Sneak peek at Julia Morris’ new show, ‘Blind Date’.

In this twist on an already exhausting concept, a single woman was introduced to 14 men in the style of The Bachelor, some gay, some straight. The denouement this time: Then there was Gay, Straight or Taken? Logo has not announced any international sales for either the Finding Prince Charming series or the format.

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  4. Take Me Out: Channel 7’s ‘new’ dating show isn’t new.

Finding Prince Charming: US TV developing a dating reality show with a gay twist. The Sydney Morning Herald. Replay Replay video.

Play video. No, really, that was the title.

Gay Couples Morning Routine (Australia Edition)

That format was so successful it was imported by Australia, the UK and the Netherlands. The Australian version aired on Seven but only lasted one season. It will air in the US later this year. License this article.

Blind Date Australia: Sneak peek at Julia Morris’ new show

The UK version of First Dates — which the program is based upon — has featured same-sex dates in the past, including a date that led to the engagement of its contestants Adam and Dan. As Australia gradually becomes a more inclusive nation — not withstanding our governments oppressive marriage legislation — it only makes sense to reflect the diverse people that live here, considering viewers include many thousands of LGBT people. Making Australian TV history tomorrow!

FirstDatesAU pic. Or the revolting exploitation of gorgeous Mexican transgender model Miriam Rivera — who was inserted into the house for the housemates to discover she was biologically male. But it is important to note, that none of these examples presented same-sex relationships on screen.

What Channel 7 won’t tell you about ‘new show’ Take Me Out

It also helped so many parents of gay children to accept their gay kids. But in the realm of reality dating shows in Australia, same-sex relationships are all but invisible at best and exiled at worst. Can't wait to start this adventure as The Bachelor! I hope to meet someone amazing.


This will be a wild experience, get excited! On another U.