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18 U.S.C 2257 Compliance Notice

Cord has not verified his photos yet. Please note that we don't verify each and every photo separately and we can't give any guarantees. In case you have information about fake or stolen photos, please contact us so we can request a Photo Verification from this user. ID Verification is a process where the Escort provide us with a copy of his ID card so we can verify the identity and the authenticity of his profile.

The verification doesn't guarantee that the person on the profile photos is the same in person. Cord Silver I easily come into NYC and the Hamptons. Text here to get Email. We can get to know each other and discuss details. Texting gets faster response! If you're looking to have a great time with no attitude and feel comfortable Im your guy.

Cord's Reviews

I'm masculine, creative, educated, and well travelled. Passionate in bed. Love kissing and being intimate. Also love Leather, Fetish, etc While you're with me my goal is to make it fun, relaxed and enjoyable for both. Nothing for me is awkward so please bring your fantasies to me, let's explore them together. I consider myself one of the best when it comes to giving you an amazing boyfriend experience.

I love exploring with married men, first-timers, couples and groups. All photos recent and up to date. Available for travel.

Passport ready. Try rubbing your lips against his ear, tracing his stubbled cheek with your nose, while you whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Is he appreciative of your attention? Does he want to hear more? Or does he want to move into something a bit more attention grabbing? Begin to use your hands at this point.

Feel free to see what his spots are by interacting with a few specific places on his body. The neck, the thigh and the stomach are three places that can tell you a lot about a man. Many men like it when a dude brushes his face against their neck. Is his shirt unbuttoned on top?

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Why not try and unbutton one more. Does he have a hairy chest, is he smooth, or does he trim or shave? All this is excellent information for how best to proceed. A hairy chest usually means the man is either wild or lazy. Both can be useful to observe and will point you in the right direction of what to do next. If he trims, let him take the lead.

Normally, men who completely shave their chest are overly critical and will try to start off taking the lead, but will get bored quickly, so be prepared to blow him in the backroom at any moment. Massage his chest, play with his hair, his nipples. Grab a pinch or tuft or two. Straddle him if necessary. Does he want to let you ride it?

Does he want to thrust his cock inside your tight ass? Have you even taken the opportunity to feel what he has in store for you down there? Is he skinny, does he have tight, rock-hard abs, a bit of a belly or big belly? All these are also good indicators of how you are going to go about handling your job. Guys with rock-hard abs are usually fun.

They will want to play and try all challenging positions, especially since they are paying for your services. They will get bored with just a blowjob in the backseat, they want and need more of a challenge. Be careful though, skinny boys are usually pretty quiet when they cum so be prepared to get a mouthful when the time comes without warning.

They are your typical, average joe. They run the gamut, but often they like a little bit of freak in their play. They want to feel like the man. They are not the jocks or the nerds, but just your average dude who needs to be supported and encouraged.

Fucked in Hotel Room by Hot, Hung Escort Dude - Worth every Penny! -

Either way, they are surprisingly agile creatures. Rub his thighs, straddle his lap and ride his dick, grab his pecs and draw his head close to your chest. Whisper into his ears and mess up his hair. Get his juices racing and his blood boiling. The eyes are usually our first and last most widely used sense. It is so easy to overcomplicate our sight, when there is so much information we constantly take in through our vision.


This is why I save this for the last, when we need it the most. Next, is the opportunity for you to strut your stuff for him in a way that is pleasing him visually. This may take the form of simply wearing the right clothes, walking or smiling a certain way that conjures a flirtatious and intoxicating charm, or even slow dancing a bit for him. A lot of guys like to watch how a guy moves. Whatever the case may be, make sure you are being compensated handsomely for your time. Not be contacted at: I slid down in rio sexy of london gay. Suffolk county, - thread: Atlanta, who testified that he wheeled, on any device you say no other sex.

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