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We categorise men by body type twinks, bears, otters, etc. This strict categorisation usually idealises masculinity, and it is easy for many of us to fall through the cracks.

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Reed thin boys are designated as twinks, too femme for many to fuck, and the bear tribe requires a very specific amount of fat, muscle and fur. Your tastes in men, your fetishes, your attitudes towards dating are all products of the society that you grew up in. This image obsessed culture also affects us deeply as individuals as well as altering our gaze.

Of course, the desire to be physically attractive is completely healthy and human, we seek to make ourselves appealing to others in order to form connections. However as gay men we seem to have confused who we are with how we look.

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On four separate occasions whilst working boys have shown me their stomachs, bound up in cling film to conceal their bellies beneath their t-shirts for the night. I know boys who long for surgery. I know boys who have thrown up after meals.

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  4. The amount of gay men with eating disorders has skyrocketed, and chemsex, the alarming phenomenon of gay men using hard drugs to facilitate prolonged partying and rampant sex, to me indicates something disturbing that even a tiny subculture of gay men need drugs to bolster their ability to be intimate. It is such a deep-rooted problem that there is no immediate solution to.

    Ugly Gays: A Playground of Bodily Categorisation

    Maybe considering that there might be a problem within our culture as gay men would be a step towards a solution in itself. But then again, all those efforts have paid paid off now. Then Grindr came and boom—my self-esteem dropped so low. It made me change my looks. I started to wear more casual and masculine clothes—no more crop tops.

    Ugly dating site

    I also stopped dyeing my hair. But now I realized that it was such a stupid decision. I have heard all the insults— fat, chubby, ugly. It hurt, actually.

    There were times in which I challenged them to meet me so they could say that shit to my face. But they just blocked me every time.

    Gay Men Answer Sex Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

    I pitied them in a way, but also I pitied myself for even wasting my time texting them back. I was desperate.

    Cherie Fox, 25

    I was 19 and still a virgin. At that time, I let anyone fuck me because I thought I wasn't worthy of having a cute boyfriend. For some time, it worked. But years passed and I felt depressed, and even suicidal.

    I hated my thighs, I hated my chest, I hated my feet, everything. The gay community IRL has a serious body shaming problem.

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    But on dating apps, the discrimination is taken to new levels. More VICE. VICE Elsewhere.