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How Much Is John's Net Worth?
  1. What was Jodi's reason to break up with John?
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What was Jodi's reason to break up with John?

Here is another famous face who was briefly engaged to another very famous face, but no vows were exchanged. There were other men tossed in there that she had minor flings with: Big himself Chris Noth. But, at that time, Hamm was in a committed relationship with actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt who he had been with since No matter what, this woman will never ever age, and no one can tell me differently. For a long time, she was with actor Stuart Townsend after co-starring with him on the movie Trapped back in They ended up parting ways in , though.

People will be surprised to know that actress Kristin Davis is so vastly different from the character she played on Sex and the City. Davis played Charlotte York, the WASP who was so desperate to get married and have children that it almost wrecked her life a few times over. She was never content on being single and always assumed that if you were, something was horribly wrong with you. Davis has been outspoken about never feeling the need to get married and settle down.

Davis is busy living her life to her own standards and raising her one child. Who the hell needs it?

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

She is the face that launched a thousand ships. Before that, she was with Chris Heniz.

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Now, the actress is with Norman Reedus and has been since Singer Sheryl Crow has always seemed like that independent woman type. Years ago, she was actually engaged to bicyclist Lance Armstrong and even stuck by his side when he was suffering from testicular cancer. It would seem like the year old songstress has no immediate desire to get married herself, and is perfectly content surrounded by all her Grammy Awards and her adopted sons, Levi and Wyatt. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Ewwww he is so gross, and he has extremely gross humor that he makes a person want to puke. R85, you're a douchebag. It's been talked about consistently over the past 30 years.

It looks like this guy is self-publishing his book, and sent out the news release on his site to drum up business. Several of the tabloids bit, but his writing style - judging by his website - is worse than junior high school level. My beloved spa had slammed their doors on me and had subjected me to life-threatening situations.

Is he shopping a gay and straight version of the same manuscript?

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  8. The fact that he admits up front to being brain damaged by that mysterious attack makes this the sort of thing no one is going to take seriously. His point is that he's written a memoir that's just as salacious and "inner circle" as Julia's, but from his gay male perspective rather than her straight female although there were rumors I'll never forget the fiveway I had with those four. John Amos was a doll and fucked the shit out of me.

    Piven claimed he was ill and just watched and jacked off. R forgot to sign her post 'Cheryl'. I knew NOTHING about Zane when I wtahced that movie as a teen but even then it seemed to me Zane's loner girlfriendless character could be interpreted to have a major unrequited and frustrated crush on the lead Reeves - there was some chemistry between those two.

    Has Cusack ever even been linked with a woman? He strikes me as surprisingly sexless in his movies. Fucking piece of shit movie and Cusack somehow found a way to keep himslef covered up in the hot tub. Is his body that bad? My friend fucked Jeremy Piven in Las Vegas a few years ago give or take Jeremy Piven loves the homosex.

    John Cusack is in his mid forties. He's never been married. Surely if he was straight, he would have found a woman by now. You rarely if ever saw him making the rounds with starlets. He's more much likely to be gay than straight. Cusack has been linked to quite a few women and was with Neve Campbell for a long time.

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    Low-key yes, but he is, by all reports, a serial womanizer. If you guys really think all gay people have to be apparently gay in some way, you belong in the s, and even then, the world was deluding itself. Does anyone else think Jeremy is gay? This guy is pushing 50 and never married with no kids and you never hear about him having a girlfriend and he takes his mom as his date to award shows all the time - how gay is that?

    No one cares about John Cusack anymore because he's grown ugly as he's hit middle age and he's mean. Oh god, what? The Spa, you pay money, you go in. Can you imagine Piven et al ganging up on this seedy "author" anywhere?

    Fred Norris Lashes Out At Howard Stern For Lying About His Sexual History

    So he writes "after he was violently thrown out of the exclusive scene". Gurls, please. R I already knew that. He must do a good job of keeping things underwraps since nobody seems to know anything. I'm jonesing for some gossip here. For her not to have one of her former co-stars on speaks volumes. Cusack's straight but as someone else said, a pussyhound who treats women like shit. Neve Campbell is disturbed and a masochist , and Minnie Driver is just pathetic. If more people were les uptight about having soaps threads, they would already know that John Amos is gay.

    I don't think this has been mentioned in the thread yet, but John Cusack is huge, huge alcoholic.

    Celebs Who Never Got Married But Are Always Taken | TheTalko

    He's known for being a drunk asshole around Chicago. It may run in the family. His youger sister was in rehab about 15 years ago. He may very well have had gay encounters in while he was intoxicated. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he became abusive to women in drunken states.

    Net worth of Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

    For some, it goes with the territory. There were rumours that John Cusack married Jody Lynn O'keefe in a foreign ceremony and then refused to have it done legally in the US and that he forced her to have an abortion. I mean, the guy moved to Maui so he could be as close as possible to the best crops.

    Isn't John Cusack supposedly into women's armpits? I remember reading somewhere that he likes to sniff their pits the stinkier, the better while he pleasures himself. Cusack and a then girlfriend, years ago on some North Carolina film location, hit repeatedly on a male friend of mine for a three-way. I'm guessing by gay spa" they mean the Baths.

    If so, seeing that bunch there wouldn't qualify as a very good night. Billy Zane played the bitchiest queen in cinema history in 'Titanic,' so I wouldn't be surprised. Supposedly Piven was pissed when Ellen used the sitcom to come out, changing the show's focus and pushing the supporting cast into the background. Considering how many cast changes her show went through over the years he was probably right to worry. And, yes, I'm a man.

    On the other hand, Jeremy Piven is a pussyhound.