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  1. For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men...
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  4. For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men

I am a man, you should be too. Thus, there was partial support for the hypothesis. Next, participants were asked how likely they 4. Anti-effeminacy attitudes the conditions. The results for towards overtly effeminate behavior in other homosexual men. Therefore, the hypothesis was partially sup- scale ranging from 1 strongly disagree to 7 strongly agree. For ported. The results are summarized in Table 2. Masculinity consciousness as control variables. All moderating variables were mean-centered. Research question 1a anti-effeminacy appear to be e in public.

Results are summarized in then created for each participant, with a higher score indicating a Table 3.

For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men...

Physical 5. Hypothesis 1 Dateability 3. A higher mean score indicates a more positive mean rating. A higher mean score indicates a higher desire to meet. See Table 3.

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Variable b t df P Attractiveness 0. Research question 1b: Again, the control vari- Dateability 0. Results revealed an interaction effect between anti-effeminacy and femmephobic 4.

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Research question 1c: To test this, Table 3. Research question 2a: See Table 4.

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For romantic intention to meet, the model was correspondingly 4. Friendship 0. Finally, RQ1a also looked at dateability, with Sexual 0. Men with higher levels of anti-effeminacy 0. Research question 2b: Research question 2c: No inter- motivations behind these sentiments, as well as the effects they action effects were found for self-perceptions of masculinity and have on individuals, gay culture, and society.

Furthermore, we 5. Discussion must consider how the apps themselves facilitate the privileging of masculinity in the branding and features of their products. Hypothesis 2 particularly as it relates to sub-cultural understandings of mascu- linity and femininity.

How To Be More Masculine To Attract Gay Guys - Gay Dating Tips

However, they have worrisome and potentially very dangerous effects on self- were still just as likely to want to have sex with people who used esteem, self-concept, and how these men interact with other in- femmephobic text. This is problematic for the queer community as dividuals within and outside of the queer community. Research questions perceived, but not across all variables.

The current study had vari- desire to be with someone masculine does not necessarily correlate ability in terms of geographic location within North America and with a preoccupation with one's own masculinity. This work explored masculinity. RQ1a looked at real-time meetings or shortened bouts of continued correspon- the perception outcome variables, and produced fascinating dence.

A third dateable. The fruitful territory for future work in this area. It of gay online culture. This may also be an ducers and the audience on mobile apps, it is particularly important avenue to explore using a content analytical approach, as we have a that we continue to explore framing and its effects on these new limited amount of knowledge about the frequency of femmephobic technologies.

The results clearly indicate that femmephobic 5. It allowed participants increased anonymity, and it pro- of the queer community. The present study also highlights the vided the opportunity to explore geographical differences.

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With so back of credibility. Additionally, this study required that tant research. As previously stated, replications of this type of work might References choose to investigate the impact of femmephobic language on men who are not users of this type of media and who, therefore, might Bailey, J. Gender identity. Cohen Eds. The lives of lesbians, gays, and Bisexuals: Children to adults pp. Orlando, FL: Harcourt Brace College Publisher. While measures were taken to counteract the non-random sam- Bailey, J.

Butch, femme, or pling method, future research might also look for novel ways to straight acting? Sex Roles, 41 , 1e Bailey, J. Childhood sex-typed behavior and sexual Lamb, M. Reinforcement and pun- orientation: Developmental ishment among preschoolers: Child Psychology, 31, 43e Development, 51, e Bergling, T.

Gay men and effeminate behavior.


New York: Har- Laner, M. Media mating I: Journal of Homosexuality, 3, e Birnholtz, J. Identity, Latrofa, M. The language of self-presentation on a location- ingroup threatening identity. The Journal of Social Psychology, 1 , 92e Paper Levine, M.


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For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men

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